About Us

The Service

FullSquad provides a 100% FREE web based communication and collaboration service for recreational sports teams.  Our claim to fame, to the best of our knowledge, is that we were the first on the web to provide a secure access player availability solution for events.  In other words, if you create an event the players can specify their availability quickly and easily. The platform also allows teams the ability to share pictures, videos, send messages, assign refreshment responsibilities, promote their team's sponsor, setup a public facing fan page and more.  Our service is 100% funded by advertisers so if you like Fullsquad please take a peek at the Ads from time to time !  Thanks.

The Company

FullSquad, a Vancouver, Canada based organization, focuses on the needs of athletes of all ages, young and old and the teams that they are affiliated with. The mission is two-fold, first, to allow athletes, teams, parents, coaches, leagues and organizations to communicate effectively to let the players play and the coaches and managers to manage. Second and more importantly, to give back to the community. A portion of all of FullSquad’s profits will go back to youth sports, assisting individuals, teams, leagues, towns, high schools and organizations in funding the ever increasing expense to participate in organized sports, as well as assisting in educational programs for athletes from all walks of life.

At Fullsquad we believe in ‘Sport for Life’.  From the first time we pick up a hockey stick or kick a ball to the day that we no longer play ourselves but support those that do, we believe in fun, friendship, health and community through sport.

The Management Team

Grant Sauer – Principle Founder
                Grant is an avid athlete with a passion for soccer and most recently hockey.  Grant has a degrees in Industrial Design and Electrical Engineering and a background in product development and information technology management. His background led to the creation of Fullsquad and the on-going development of the product.  Today, when Grant is not playing sports, or driving his kids to sports, he oversees product development and works with clients and partners in a business development capacity.
Bobby Fornaro – Founder
                Bob has for many years coached teams and been involved in organized sport. When Bobby heard of the Fullsquad concept he was immediately enthused, as the Fullsquad web based application directly addressed many of the “pains” Bob experienced as a coach. Also Bobby, who via his teaching positions at several of Boston’s most prestigious business schools has been exposed to an enormous number of new business ideas, considered Fullsquad to be an opportunity not to be missed and didn’t say no when asked by Grant to assist in building the business. Today, Bobby is active in building the Fullsquad business and in ensuring that his enthusiasm increases the Fullsquad community.
Martin Rempel – Founder
                Martin has always been a promoter of personal fitness and healthy living. Like Bobby, Martin felt there is an enormous potential to use Fullsquad’s concept of making the organizing of sports, the sharing of ideas and communications within the sporting community easier and as a vehicle to get more people involved in healthy living. Martin’s experience in building the businesses of technically oriented companies in international settings and in formulating business partnerships will help to spread Fullsquad’s message.